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Media Blasting Overview

Air or water and some form of media are used. Surface contaminants are removed by some form of media propelled by high pressure air or water. The type of media depends on the density required to blast away contaminants without damaging the underlying material. So basically it varies job to job.
Examples of substances that can be fired from a media blaster are sand, glass, baking soda, plastic, walnut shells, corn cobs. Because of the wide variety of substances that can be propelled from a media blaster the applications are endless and range from residential to commercial. We use ECO friendly material along with green technology! Blaster can remove virtually any type of coating from any material extremely quick  and without creating heat or a dust cloud. We use ECO friendly material along with green technology!

Dry Ice Blasting Overview

Air and dry ice are used. Surface contaminants are dislodged by the force of frozen carbon dioxide particles hitting at high velocity, and by shrinkage due to freezing which disrupts adhesion bonds. The dry ice switches directly from a solid to a gas, leaving very little residue to clean up. Dry ice hard enough to remove the contaminants but soft enough to not damage the underlying material material.
Dry Ice Blasting is clean, safe, and environmentally sustainable. Dry ice pellets are made from CO2. The process does not produce or add CO2 to the atmosphere. Other cleaning materials can become hazardous during the cleaning process and require special handling and disposal.

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Mobile Dustless blasting  Overview
Mobile Dustless Blasting - Media Blasting and Dry Ice Blasting

The two main categories of mobile dustless blasting that we do are dry ice blasting and media blasting. Dry Ice blasting is the process by which dry ice pellets are propelled by high pressure air in order to shrink and dislodge particles. Media basting uses water or air to propel some form of media like sand, glass, baking soda,plastic, walnut shells, corn cobs...and more. The type of media used varies depending on the job.

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